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Anonymous asked : do you know the house address of frank ocean?

my house :)

no-stal-geea asked : hello:), im another frank ocean fan. lol im often called frank, becasue im told i look like him without facial hair. lol but i just wanted to ask if you could post more stuff about his music or is he doing any new songs. please? and your blog is dope its just how i wouldve done it lol. but keep up the good work. p.s. my name is also a work of frank. lol nostalgia ultra is my favorite album.

he hasnt released much thats why i havent posted new things :/

ill update you though

Anonymous asked : wow i love your blog. every time i think of frank ocean i just come to your blog. keep it up. :D

muah ;*

howboutnoscott asked : I'm so glad they're more people who love Frank Ocean the same as I do c: You are amazing (:

awww thank you :)

you’re amazing as well

rexschirra asked : You have one of the greatest blogs on tumblr

thank u <3

tr3yday asked : when is the new album coming?....#U R THE SEXIEST


blvckundergroundluxury asked : Love your blog!

thank you :)

xxzii asked : Hey would you mind checking my blog out? X


lightskinnedboys asked : Why did frank have to write that check saying fuck you? Why?

because chipotle sewed him

imperfect-ily--perfect asked : love your blog... i adore frank oceann


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