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of-alz asked : u are defiantly my favorite blog that I follow! thanks for posting the greatest blogs ever!! xoxoxo

thank you hun <3 :)

Anonymous asked : do u know frank oceans actual Instagram name?

he doesnt have one

Anonymous asked : Me and my friend we're wondering what girls and boys drank dated ?


hurricane0ffuckinglies asked : Do you think Frank will release his new album in the next month? and do you think he'll just drop it out of nowhere?

one of his friends said its almost done and the wait is worth it.

and he probably will since he hasnt been promoting any singles. Maybe he will release it before the VMAS

Anonymous asked : Channel ORANGE or Nostalgia, ULTRA


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egyptthegod13 asked : Dose frank ocean have his own tumblr? 


Anonymous asked : To the person who asked where they can get the bandana, I got mine on amazon for like 8 bucks. Search "rising sun bandana" it will pop up
Anonymous asked : What's franks tumbr??

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