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S/o you
akingscloset asked : How did you make that frank ocean gif?

someone submitted it

I had make this cause his smile is too fucking lovely! 
Anonymous asked : do you think that frank would just one day just drop his album? no heads up or promotion or anything..

lmao a beyonce move?

mrgiancarlo asked : i was so ready to have frank's album be the soundtrack to my summer and it's already halfway done :/ It's okay though I'm sure he just wants it to be as great as possible! and knowing him, i know it will be!!

Anonymous asked : wait what's the whole story with frank firing his management

i told you idk why he did it

Anonymous asked : do you have any ideas as to why frank fired his management

nope :/

puerto-ricvn asked : It's taking soooooo longggggggg D:

i know :’(

street-lights-glowing asked : Check out my last post about Frank?😂😂


moneygivesmeaboner asked : When is his new album coming out?

sometime this summer! :~)

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