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poetic-x-vibes asked : Did u hear about frank firing kelly and Chris as his managers?

i couldnt believe it ;o

xx-nani-xx asked : Frank is amazing !
Anonymous asked : Frank is so damn attractive to me,Holy shit he's sexy!
xx-nani-xx asked : Do you think vision quests are things we make up ? I had one that I'd be in North Dakota at a Taco Bell at night, with a 1966 red Mustang Convertible... and I'd be clean cut and looking nice lls. And there sitting by myself, close to closing hours, with nobody with me. And the skies were purple and pink, plus i got a waitresses number. So what you think of it ?

sorry this is a sideblog .-.

xx-nani-xx asked : Were you always such a good singer ? Or did you get better by time ?

this is a fan blog

Anonymous asked : Is that true Frank have a new girlfriend?

im not fully sure, hes been too quiet lately so i wouldnt doubt it

champagnepapidreams asked : Did you hear about him at bonaroo fest this year amazing omg I love him soon much.

yasss. he need to release that album already!

dreaminscience asked : Can you post more frank ocean music?

when he releases new music -.-

ikingfashionkilla asked : does frank still have a tumblr?👀


danitza-arielle asked : What's Frank Ocean's Instagram? It's bad enough that he left twitter. :(

he deleted it

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